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My Magickal Pencak Silat Training In Indonesia By William Sanders, Pendekar

My Magickal Pencak Silat Training In Indonesia

By William Sanders, Pendekar

When I first arrived in Indonesia in the mid 1980's to refine my Pencak Silat, I was completely unsure of what I was going to see, and be taught. At my first village I was asked to demonstrate my skills. I proceeded to do a Tari Bunga flower dance showing various Jurus and foot moves. When I was finished I was asked to watch their Pencak Silat. Much to my surprise I was shown an entire demonstration of what they referred to as spiritual Pencak Silat. I watched astounded as men, women, and children, all Cimande practitioners, demonstrated astounding feats of Pencak Silat showing the inner power of Tenaga Dalam. When they were finished I was told that in order to really practice Pencak Silat I had to have training in the spiritual side. I was told the physical aspect, compared to the spiritual-magickal side is only ten percent.

So I spent some of my time refining the physical aspects and the balance of my time I spent with Pendekar Sartono, my magickal teacher. When I was first introduced to Pendekar Sartono I was told he was the most powerful spiritual practitioner in west Java. He talked to me about my training and while we spoke he asked me if I was thirsty. Giving me some water he asked me if I wanted to feel various powers. As explained in my book, he pushed his own Tenaga Dalam into his saliva, putting it into my water. He transferred, for a time, special abilities to me. Seeing my desire to learn he told me had to go to his special mountain for three days. He would ask his spirit familiars if he could train a white man, as he said he not seen it done before.

So for three days I returned to the village and trained in the physical aspects. When I returned I was given the good news. Not only was he told to teach me, the familiars materialized a small golden Keris for him to give to me as a symbol of Pencak Silat's magickal side and for my protection and power. So began my training.

This training was broken up in various segments. Usually I had to prepare in some manner. One common practice was to be given various jungle flowers to bathe with at midnight. Then a morning fast. Sartono, my teacher, would sometimes give me written mantras or put my hands in various mudra positions. His training was very unique. He said his job was to not only teach me externally but to give me special internal knowledge that would continue to train me when he was not with me. So my training consisted of what he personally showed me and at night he would prepare the potions I was to bathe with. Information I was unsure of, I was to then ask and an answer was given, either through immediate intuition or through the dream state. Of course I ran all of these answers by him and he would demonstrate the validity of my information. I was shown other practitioners, always performing Pencak Silat and magick together.

One day on a trip to a different area, a local Dukin (magician) found out I was learning from Sartono and he challenged my training. I was handed an amulet and was told that if my Tenaga Dalam was strong I would be unhurt. I grasped his amulet and he then proceeded to place large poisonous scorpions all over my bare arm. They twitched and moved but did not strike. I had passed his test and he gave me the amulet.

I witnessed a Pencak Silat demonstration in which a live bat exited the practitioners mouth flying directly at his opponent. Gradually my physical abilities were merged with the magickal training.

I was to return to Indonesia more times to continue my training. Finally Pendekar Sartono said he would place in me a direct line to the other side, with an inheritorship to the magick, so if I asked I would know. A large Slamatan (feast) was held and small magickally charged golden needles were implanted into my arms. My name was recorded and I was given special herbs that would cool me down after the intense effects set in. I saw people possessed by animal spirits and magick that at once separated this combat art from the sterile, robotic, posturing seen in some schools.

When I was finally tested in Banten by the old masters I was told they could "see" my magickal training. The appointment as Pendekar (spiritual priest master) could only be bestowed on someone with both the physical and magickal mastery and it was because of this I was instructed to teach and pass this art on to those who want to know. I have therefore seen it necessary to openly come forth with the Fighting Magick video tapes in order to help your inner self merge with your physical self to achieve true mastery. This tape series can promote you into the realms of inner Pencak Silat practiced in seclusion and formerly guarded by the royal courts. Very few people, in their entire life are even exposed to this knowledge. It is said that when you are ready your teacher will appear. The fact that you are reading this proves you are ready. Now it's up to you.


  1. Dear Mr. Sanders,

    How does one get these fighting magick video tapes?



  2. I am Sundanese, I really dont like this Sartono character, it seems to me that he manipulated a westerner who has (hopefully) genuine intereset in Cimande style of silat by confusing him with MAGIC. Silat is not magic, tenaga dalam is not magic. Magic is cheap and embarrassing, while silat is more like a philosophy of life which hopefully can enlighten one's self. While some other ethnics quite frequently blend silat with (dark) magic, it is somewhat despicable to us Sundanese

  3. when u could do what pendekar Sanders can. u can come thalk like this. Sartono was original, and not cheat Pendekar Sanders. i can shure u

  4. when u could do what pendekar Sanders can. u can come thalk like this. Sartono was original, and not cheat Pendekar Sanders. i can shure u

  5. pendekar Sartono was original and not cheat Pendekar Sanders. try meat Pendekar Sanders and see what he is able to do even with 64old now. amazing fast!!!!

  6. I've had a privilege to study under Mr. Sartono many many years ago. I know exactly what Mr. Sanders is talking about, for I ve been there too. I am forever grateful to Mr. Sartono and his family kindness in accepting and welcoming me and my friends, total strangers, into their home. Rest in Peace ayah.