Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Iranon Kuntao

Travel to uncertainty - PTK

Ron Kosakowski-head instructor of Practical Self-Defense Training Center at 847 Hamilton Ave. Waterbury ,Connecticut 06706, school Address had made a strong effort to be in the Philippines to joint the Blademaster Camp along with the leadership of Mandala Tim WAid and members of the PTGO from other starts including the delegation from Argentina-Buenos Aires, Latin America. for ten days of tedious training at Puerto Galera, Island of Mindoro the fun and the thrill of training along the green beaches of Puerto Galera was so tempting that for a days training , every one is looking for the next day of more training. The sea water that soaks into a chilled bodies who were used to absorb icy cold weather turned to red color like a cooked shrimp. While the day was hot , the evening was lively hearing the dancing music that goes with the dancing lights along the long line of restaurants and drinking night clubs.But the end was not the last thing to do for Ron. His desire to seek the authencity of his Kuntao was keep firing into his nerves that since his teacher in Kuntao Master Joe Rossi was not able to identify his teacher of kuntao while he was in his military mission in the Philippines, Ron's was not satisfied what he learn but wants to know the real contents of Rossi's Kuntao. He found an opportunity to be in the Philipines to check his Kuntao. So I arrange that he can meet the original kuntaos in the Island of Mindanao, particularly in the Province of Maguindanao. This is the Province where the MILF_MNLF, Bansang Moro and the Abu Sayaf operates as their heaven for training and take off point for special missions. At the center of the Province is the sitio called Pekit-maybe related to Pekiti. This is a community of combine Muslim and Ilongo Christian co-exist but in between was a demarcation line where the muslim cannot cross and for the Christian not to cross. On top of the valley was the Military and other portion is the Police Special Action Force Commando Fortress surrounded with cemented wall and a observatory tower. Down below we can use telecopes to view the Muslim renegades cleaning their barong and M-16. From Davao city where we landed a two hour flight from Metro Manila together with Rommel, Denis, Ron and myself, at the airport the Air Marshalls stationed in DAvao airport ,our first graduate of the 54 strong air marshall that graduated in the Covert Escort Security Service for National Air Carrrier ( CESSNA)FINAL qualification training conducted at Camp Castaneda, Silang Cavite from November 14 to December 2005.extended a special courtesy with providing us a WElcome reception , a good taste of Davao food.In the afternoon at 3:00PM the special action force commandos arrived , joined us for a coffee break . We exchange pleasantries and we moved to ride on a big Toyata truck with police sign . eight SAC team fully armed to the teeth with m-203 grenade rockets plus four of us depart Davao Province bound for Cotabato ( Maguindanao). As the sun bound to sunset , the darkeness was teachery because according to the Major of the SAC , told us just in case of assault and firing starts just duck . We are expecting ambushes along this highway about 120 kilometers to the point of destiny. Along the highway were several military check points and once in awhile the MILF or MNLF ( Bansang Moro) put up their own check points on a very remote parts of the highway and that is where the rock and roll starts. So the Major said , in case of ambush just take cover and lay flat on the floor of the truck while we take care of the rest. One of our guys said , if I know this I won't come with you guys. So I asked the Major, do you have extra rifles and he said I have a 9mm Jericho pistol but during the exchange of fire , if one of the guys is hit just pick up the M-16 and use it and keep firing. Ron sitting in front seat together with Dennis and the Driver , while me and Rommel joined the SAC team on the top of the truck.Luckily we arrived at Pekit fortress at about 1:00pm after midnight . We rested on a improvished housing by the Police, of course the normal military beds and mosquito nets. We were together in one place while the other team member were scathered outside as guards. The morning came and we had a good view of the wide tract of land. The Major explained to us that any piece of land that you see without rice plantation or the land is empty that is muslim property. But a piece of small land with rice and some trees that is owned by the Christians. So we asked why, because the tribes here just wants to fight but not to work for their lands. But once the christian is about to harvest his rice field they will ask a part because they said it is their land owned by their forefathers.

Comes in the afternoon, the Major had arranged ahead of time that the highest man of Kuntao can come to the Police camp and can show the Kuntao . According to the messenger this old man a grandmaster of kuntao Iranon can crash a stone with hands, an 80 year old man. Before sunset two messengers came to the camp on a friendly manner talked to the major and other SAC officers and I spoke to the messenger for the arrangement of the coming to the camp , short ceremony about kuntao and possibly for Ron to be recognized. But when the messenger saw Ron, they changed their mind instead that they are willing to have the ceremony at the village where the Muslim community and the muslim family can hold the presentation. So we didn't accept because Ron's head will be very costly maybe a good price on his head. So at 2:00 AM early in the morning we moved out with additional team members of the SAC bound for Malaybalay Bukidnon. Leaving Maguindanao was removing a fish bone in ones throat. So we travelled until we reached the town of Valencia where we had our break fast and met the relatives of the Major, we were given a tour of the land owned by one of the ancestral DAtu of another friendly tribe of Bukidnon who owned 70,000 hectares of land in his own family title. he showed us his mountains , valleys and plateaus . An excellent place to live in peace.
We continued to travel the whole day until we reached Cagayan De Oro where we can take our flgiht to Manila via Philippine Airlines. At the airport every woman with a face covered with Muslim traditions were staring at Ron since I think they saw a white man inside the Muslim airport. But the flight was comfortable and we had a good time landed in domestic airport in good laughing style.

But the end of Ron was not in Mindanao , I have a hidden from him that in Metro manila the Muslim had a big Muslim community compose of all tribes of Mindanao that lived in Metro manila ,owned buildings and big muslim products sold in Plaza Miranda and Quiapo area, a public market where goods are cheap but mostly Muslim goods. My friend is the real man of Kuntao . For many years we associated each other and I saw how was his Kuntao in real encounter in the street of Manila. But I didn't this that he was a Kuntao man until we were together in Singapore in the late 60's where we did business arrangement . So while Ron was in the hotel I told him to get ready to meet the real Kuntaiost, the council of the Minsupala Tribes. The Minsupala Tribe heads the Kuntao Maranaw, Kuntao Taosog, Kuntao Iranon. So he got his acceptance in special ceremony and with the promise to return so he can be at Bungao Island for his initiation and to see the real kuntao and advanced his training for the real authentic kuntao. We need a man like Ron who cross the bridge and don't look back . Since Ron is in Pekiti-Tirsia , we support his effort to identify the real authentic Kuntao not a fake Kuntao. K to the 2nd power.


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